Se3 Matt Black Candle Sticks
Set of 3 Matt Black Candle Sticks
Set of 3 Matt Black Candle Sticks

Set of 3 Matt Black Candle Sticks

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These Matt Black Candle Sticks are seriously, stylishly elegant and with three clustered together, as a result, creates a truly elegant home decor display.

All these Candle Sticks are sold together as a set of 3. Their varying heights create a beautiful statement in your home. Display either separately standing on their own on the table, or all three together, side by side on a shelf, table or feature hearth of a fire place in a traditional home setting.

They have a candle holder roughly 2.1 cms wide, so a thin church candle will sit well inside especially if it drips slightly. We used black candles in our images which really look the part. However never leave lighted candles unattended.

These visually dramatic Candle Sticks are made from a slightly textured, light-weight matt black metal.

Your Black Candle Stick details

The smallest Candle Stick measures 15 cms in height

The middle Candle Stick measures 19 cms in height

The larger Candle Stick measures 23 cms in height

All stick bases are 6cms in width.


Price is for all 3 candle sticks - Sold as a set of 3

If you would like more information of these stunning Candle Sticks before purchasing we would be delighted to help.

Delivery from Ineko Home is absolutely free. All our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable so we are helping to save our beautiful Planet. Your gorgeous set of Matt Black Candle Sticks will be gift wrapped in black tissue and a recycle box - Perfect for a Eco friendly gift. Plus we give you a super gorgeous free gift with every order !!

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