Small Wooden Dough Bowls
Small Wooden Dough Bowls
Small Wooden Dough Bowls
Small Wooden Dough Bowls
Small Wooden Dough Bowls

Small Wooden Dough Bowls

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Hand Carved Small Wooden Dough Bowl

These lovely, simple handmade Hand Carved Wooden Dough Bowl are from Hungary and are totally lovely.  Hand carved from natural wood, these unique bowls were originally used as everyday vessels.

In our homes they can be used for a range of uses, such as a flannels and soap dish by the bath, a dramatic candle display in the centre of your coffee table, a rustic fruit bowl, or just simply use the to display dried or faux flowers like we have. It just takes a little imagination.

These beautiful Hand Carved Wooden Dough Bowls are all unique, we usually have a few available which we can share with you so you can select the one which is right for you. They are all uniquely handmade they may differ in size and shape.

As all of our vintage items, they do show a level of imperfections indicative of their previous life.  That will include unevenness in shape or scratches, and although they are all a natural wood they are all slightly a different shade,  all adding to the character & charm of this unique, authentic bowl. 

If you would like more information on any of our small Dough Bowl before purchasing we would be delighted to help.

To clean your Wooden Bowl, we recommend you just wash with soapy dish water.
Price is for one only.

Measurements are all slightly different for each one but they are approximately 51 cm  x 20 cm and 10cm tall


Price is including delivery

To clean your wooden Bowl, we recommend you just wipe with soapy dish water. Do not put into the dishwasher of soak it in the water. Just wipe with a damp cloth.

Price is for one only. They all are slightly different. Once you place your order we will send you our available stock for you to select from.

Approximate measurements to be used as a guide only are 45 cm  x 25 cm and 10cm tall

All our packing is recyclable or biodegradable so we are helping to save our beautiful  Planet. Plus we give you a super gorgeous free gift with every order !!

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