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Black Concrete Candle Stick



This traditional style, Black Concrete Candle Stick is stylishly elegant yet with the finish it becomes modern and with three clustered together create a truly elegant display. With the huge success we had with the lighter coloured ones we’ve got these new ones to offer as well.

Each Black Concrete Candle Stick is sold individually. This candle stick creates a soft statement in your home.  The candle stick come in three sizes. Display either as a pair, with the larger or smaller black candle stick sitting along side, or all three together or just standing on its own on the table, shelf or feature hearth of a fire place in a traditional home setting.

They are flat at the top with a slight ridge so a thick church candle will sit well inside especially of it drips slightly. However never leave candles unattended.

This Black Concrete Candle Stick is made from textured dark concrete, so it is quite heavy.

Your Black Concrete Candle Stick details

The smallest Candle Stick measures 25 cms in height  x 12.5 cms width weighs 2 kgs

The middle Candle Stick measures 33 cms in height  x 12 cms width and weighs 2.9 kgs

The larger Candle Stick measures 39 cms in height  x 14 cms width weighs 4.6 kgs

If you would like more information of the Candle Stick before purchasing we would be delighted to help.

Delivery for your  Candle Stick is free.


Additional information

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 33 cm

small, medium, large


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