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Hand Carved Buffalo Skull



This totally enchanting, authentic, Hand Carved Buffalo Skull with amazing ornate carvings. These are hand crafted in Bali, Indonesia.  The “Island of the Gods”.

Hugely talented Balinese master craftsmen spend days of designing and carving with traditional tools to transform the buffalo skull into this true work of art . This tradition of taking a buffalo skull and carving a beautiful design into it has its roots in Bali.  This is an original and one-of-a-kind Balinese tradition.  It is said ” this ancient ritual began with glorifying the skulls of humans who were sacrificed for religious beliefs. Today many artisans keep the tradition of carving intricate designs into the skull to make use of every last part of the animal.”

The hand carving and crafting process itself takes this uniqueness one step further. Each individual artist adds his own personal touch, transferring a piece of his or her own personality into the work.  Naturally, no two pieces are the same.
To put it simply, each one tells a story, which comes alive with personality and character.
By limiting the number of middlemen, we can ensure the artists who previously struggled to get their talents recognition can be fully appreciated, giving them and their families the lifestyle and opportunity they truly deserve.
Not only are you buying an intricate hand crafted artwork, you are supporting Indonesian master artisans who have been working so hard to provide for their families.

These domesticated buffaloes are free to roam on the farms whilst grazing on natural feed.  The materials we use are 100% organic.

The design of the carving may not be as the image as we change stock however please ask for an image before you buy. We have 2 left on stock to select from.

This buffalo skull is carefully cleaned and bleached and then thoroughly sterilized through Formalin to make it infection-free. They are highly polished, with the horn being attached separately.

Details of your Hand Carved Buffalo Skull

The dimensions of the HAND CARVED BUFFALO SKULL are from horn to horn are 55 cms. The skull head width 22 cms, the total length from top of horns to chin 60 cms & the skull length only 45 cms.

The weight of the skull is 3.5 kgs.

The HAND CARVED BUFFALO SKULL are fragile & the cost of the courier will be  £12.00 however we delivery this item for FREE. All our packing is recyclable or biodegradable so we are helping to save our beautiful planet.

Plus we give you a super gorgeous free gift with every order !!

Only 2 left in stock

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 55 × 60 cm


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