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Mongolian Curly Throw in Black & White



Our luxurious real 100% Mongolian Curly Throw in Black & White decorative is perfect. This throw adds a touch of softness and warmth to any room. All it takes is one accent to invigorate a room giving gentle luxury and unique texture to any soft sofa, statement chair or cosy bed.

Tibetan lamb fur is a luxurious tactile fur that is incredibly soft, silky & surprisingly light.  The fur length is over 4 inches.  Each product is made from as few pelts as necessary to ensure consistent size.

One of our best selling treasures, these gorgeous Mongolian Curly Throw shows a level of imperfections indicative of a natural product . This includes stitching at the back where the plates are stitched together. Due to the nature of this 100% natural product we recommend professional cleaning only. Shaking & fluffing up the skin regularly will help maintain the fullness & softness. Take care of your nature hide as excessive use will wear out the fur over time.

If you would like more information or more photos of the Mongolian Curly Throw before purchasing we would be delighted to help.

Details of your Mongolian Curly Throw in Black & White


Approx length is 120 cms  & width is 55 cms

Delivery for this Mongolian Curly Throw is FREE.

In stock

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 120 × 55 cm


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