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Vintage First Aid Cabinet



Look at this quaint, Vintage First Aid Cabinet. So beautifully perfect we haven’t touched it. We’ve only clean her up and kept her character as she is – just perfect !

The unique wood free standing Vintage First Aid Cabinet is made from pine with single opening door and the original metal lever handle. The Vintage First Aid Cabinet has a wooden shelf inside. Originally bright green, and looks like its had many coats over the years. Shes bare wood inside of the cabinet as she was. One the front door is a hand painted red cross, worn and aged and full of personality. We just lover her.

This superb piece of history originated from Wales, probable held its duties in the villages hall First Aid room. Today she;d look pretty as a picture as a piece of quirky art anywhere in the house. Imagine, if you will this beauty sitting nestled in a picture gallery or as a statement in the hall along with some other quirky details. What about in the downstair loo – what a feature. She’s a treasure and we’ve only got one.

This Vintage First Aid Cabinet is a truly unique piece of furniture & shows a level of natural ageing indicative of the life she once lived. This may include some dumps & scratches, lots of layers of paint,  all adding to her character & charm.

Details of your Vintage First Aid Cabinet

If you would like more information or more photos of the Vintage First Aid Cabinet before purchasing, we would be delighted to help. Remember we only have one of these beauties.

Height is 65 cms x total width is 50 cms & depth is 20 cms.

This special delivery will be arranged by us free of charge.

Only 1 left in stock

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 16 cm


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