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Vintage Rustic large Wooden Stool



We have been selling our little vintage stools for a year now. They are our best selling line. So to thank you for their success we can now offer you our new Vintage Rustic large Wooden Stool .

This gorgeous Vintage Rustic large Wooden Stool, not only looks great and dramatic on any stylish setting but is so versatile for any room in the house. They fit really well in the end of the kitchen table, by the bath to place my tea and towel on & my mobile phone to watch Netflix and as a bed side table in the bedrooms. We also have a lamp on one in the corner of the living room. Perfect

All our Vintage Rustic large Wooden Stools show a level  of imperfections. There maybe different textures in the wood and variance of wood colours and grains. All indicative of the natural rustic product we love. There maybe some chinks. lumps and bumps indicating the massive work load that they have undertaken. These may include some splitters in the wood. Even though we have sanded them down carefully. The best ones have unevenness in shape & scratches. All adding to the perfect character & wonderful charm of these lovely larger vintage stools. Some also call them work stools too. These delightful wooden stools are from China. They are made from reclaimed work & tell many stories in the patina. Some have Chinese scribbles underneath.

Details of your Vintage Rustic large Wooden Stool

Easy hand washing with soapy liquid or just dusting is advisable, if you wish.

As all our true vintage items they are all different – so we will email you photographs and measurements of the stools we have before you decide to purchase.  We would be delighted to help.

The Vintage Rustic large Wooden Stool approximate measurements are height 45 cms x width of seat  80cms x 25 cms depth.

Delivery for this Vintage Rustic large Wooden Stool is FREE. All our packing is recyclable or biodegradable so we are helping to save our beautiful  Planet. Plus we give you a super gorgeous free gift with every order !! Price is for one stool only.

In stock

Additional information

Weight 6.4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 89 × 45 cm


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