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Flat Round Green Hungarian Vase

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Our Flat Round Green Hungarian Vase, looks fabulous and dramatic on any stylish setting. Either used for a floral arrangement as a centrepiece on a table or just for any interior display.  They are very versatile and look stunning. They are the most beautiful vivid green. When the light hits the vases they really come to life. These really are such a gorgeous addition to your interior.

The unique shape of these vases really are special - they remind us of the penny sweets in a Quality Street box!  The narrow depth of the vase allows for them to be displayed on shelves where other vases may be too deep. They are taller and therefore really make as a stunning statement piece. As they are tall and glass they are very sturdy and have an attractive weight to them which really adds to the stunning affect when the light hits them and reflects the beautiful green.

We would also highly recommend styling together with some of our other green and blue vases, as you can see in the images. The mixture of colours, sizes and shapes really make for a vibrant and fun style feature in your home.

We love using a few to display our favourite flowers around the house

Sold separately, Price is for one.

Easy hand washing with soapy liquid is advisable rather than dishwashing when needed.

Dimensions of your vase height: 46cm x width: 31.5cm x depth: 14cm

Delivery for our vases is £4.50 and like all of our products they come with a FREE GIFT!

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