Icelandic sheepskins
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Icelandic sheepskins
Icelandic sheepskins
Icelandic sheepskins
Icelandic sheepskins

Icelandic sheepskins

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There's nothing quite as cosy & warm on a dark winters night, than a luxurious Icelandic sheepskins, a glass of wine in hand in front of a roaring fire. This decorative dip dyed Icelandic sheepskins adds a touch of softness and warmth to any room. Drape over the back of your sofa or your favourite chair to invigorate the room, giving gentle luxury and unique texture.

These Eco friendly, dip dyed Icelandic sheepskins look great draped over the back of the kitchen chairs around the family table.

Its tactile fur is incredibly soft & silky. Each Icelandic sheepskins is completely unique so colours, shading & size may differ.

These gorgeous Icelandic sheepskins show a level of imperfections indicative of a natural product. Take care of your nature Icelandic sheepskin as excessive use will wear out the fur over time may moult.  For regular cleaning take your hide outside and shake thoroughly. If your Icelandic sheepskin becomes wet it should be allowed to dry in natural sunlight. If you care and look after your Icelandic sheepskin, it will last for many years always looking good, giving you great pleasure and satisfaction.

Icelandic sheepskins should not be placed in front of a fire place or in extreme heat (i.e. conservatories, near a radiator) this will lead to the hairs shedding. In order to ensure a longer life your Icelandic sheepskin should not be walked or sat on. Do not allow animals to lie on your hide as their body heat may cause shedding. Animals will also love to dig out the hair of your Icelandic sheepskin.

Details of your Icelandic sheepskins

If you would like more information or more photos of the Icelandic sheepskins before purchasing we would be delighted to help.

Approx length is 125 cms  & width main body is 63 cms  ( across centre of body )

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