About Ineko Home

About Us

Ineko Home was born through the frustration being unable to find a kitchen table that met the vision I had for our home. My favourite time of every day is when my husband and I are gathered around the kitchen table with our three beautiful children, sharing a delicious home cooked meal. I wanted to find a kitchen table that I would adore just as much as I adore mealtimes. As a designer, I’ve always had an attention to detail, and when I couldn’t source my dream table – I thought; ‘why don’t we make it ourselves?!’ – and that’s exactly what we did. Feeling truly inspired by what we had created, I knew I had found something that, absolutely, filled my creative heart with joy.


Through the natural progression of our business, we have come far from the prototype table now taking centre stage in our kitchen. We now source old furnishings and reclaim them into unique, contemporary pieces that will inject a splash of originality into any home.

We work hard and enjoy every minute – even the ones spent ‘treasure hunting’ in the pouring rain.

 We are passionate about our customers and the service we provide. We have a lot of happy customers, which makes us happy too.

 We are exceptionally environmentally conscious, which is why we started restoring initially – why let such beautifully crafted items be thrown away? We strive for all packaging to be recyclable or biodegradable. We have a commitment to the environment with their eco-friendly practices and love of reuse and restoration. 

Now browse through the distinctive Ineko Home collection from restored vintage discoveries to individual hand-made treasures to inspire your home interiors. 

Call us 07813 893879 or email hello@inekohome.co.uk

Payment for all orders are to be made at point of sale not point of dispatch. English currency . All prices are inclusive of VAT.