Sirocco Alabast Tea Lights
Sirocco Alabast Mini Tea Light
Sirocco Alabast Mini Tea Light
Sirocco Alabast Mini Tea Light
Sirocco Alabast small Tea Lights
Sirocco Alabast Tea Lights
Sirocco Alabast Sea Salt mini Tea Light
Sirocco Alabast Large Sea Salt Tea Light

Sirocco Alabast Tea Lights

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We are delighted to be the first in the UK to stock these exquisite Sirocco Alabast Tea Lights.

The surface of the Alabast Tea-Light is fine and smooth to touch compared to the porous Salt Salt Style which is rich in texture , however both are beautiful and both stunning.

These unique tea-lights will bring a personal, warm and aesthetic expression to interior decoration.

These amazing tea light holders look gorgeous, either on their own or clustered together at the centre of your table.

When lit a delicate warmth glows & shows a patina of natural imperfections & textures.


The Alabast, stone work of Egypt dates back to pharaonic times when a lot of household equipment were cut in stone. All Sirocco stone work is done in local stone, mostly green granite and alabaster, from the Nile area in the workshops of the area.
The work with the alabaster stone origins from the pharaonic era of Egypt. The alabaster stone exists in different shades of white and beige and in different densities of stone crystals.
Most of the stone used by Sirocco is a matte crystalized snow white stone. The alabaster mountains are in the Luxor area and so are most of the work-shops. All the work is done by hand and the process goes through many steps. In order for the fine crystals in the stone not to break, the cutting must be done gradually over days. In the night the stone is left wrapped in cotton with glue and each day a layer of the stone is cut off until the final shape is achieved.

Sirocco Living is a Danish family business who introduced the Sirocco products to the Danish market in 2010. The Danish designer Ellen Raven and her husband have for several years lived in the Siwa Oasis in the middle of Sahara. They are in charge of development and production of the Sirocco products – in co-operation with the locals. The design of all products, takes source in ancient handcraft traditions inherited through generations, giving you the possibility to add these wonderful glowing tea lights to your home. From fascinating cultures, these unique products will add a stylish, dramatic, atmospheric glow to the room and shall be admired for years to come . All products are based on traditional crafts and materials of the highest quality.


Measurements for the Sirocco Alabast MINI Tea Light  is 6 cms height  x 6 cms width.

Measurements for the Sirocco Alabast MEDIUM Light  is 15 cms height  x 6.5 cms width.

Measurements for the Sirocco Alabast LARGE Tea Light  is 18.5 cms height  x 8 cms width.

Measurements for the Sirocco Alabast EXTRA LARGE Tea Light  is 25 cms height  x 11 cms width.

A dry cloth must be used to wipe or dust your tea light - Do not get these tea lights wet or store them in a damp enviroment.

Each Sirocco Alabast Tea Light is sold separately. They are all different sizes and different prices - you can select at the till.

We recommend a tea light candle which will fit nicely inside, but never leave candle unattended.

Delivery for these Sirocco Alabast Tea Lights holder are FREE.

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