Brown & White Cow Hide Rug
Brown & White Cow Hide Rug
Brown & White Cow Hide Rug

Brown & White Cow Hide Rug

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This large luscious Brown & White Cow Hide Rug makes a stylish statement in any room in your home. It is silky soft & smooth under foot.

Each gorgeous eco friendly of our Cow hide Rugs are completely unique. Colours, shading & sizes may differ.  As these are natural Hides it is always difficult to give the precise colour, condition and dimensions of the rugs.

It is very important to take care of your Hide Rug. They are extremely hard wearing & easy to clean but excessive use will wear out the fur over time. For regular cleaning take your hide outside, hang over the line and pat thoroughly. If your Cow Rug gets wet just pop it into natural sunlight to dry. If you care and look after your Natural Cow Hide Rug you will enjoy it will for many years to come, giving you great pleasure and satisfaction.

When possible it is best to avoid putting your Cow Hide in front of a fire place or in extreme heat (i.e. conservatories, near a radiator). Any exposure to extreme heat may lead to the hairs shedding. To prolong the life of your Hide Rug it is best if you can avoid placing it in a regularly used through way.


Makes a stylish statement in any room

Approximate length is 230 cms ( from bottom to head )  & width main body is 200 cms  (across centre of body ), 222.5 cms from widest part of the legs. Please note we offer the measurements as an approximate guide only. This is our large size of hide. Just give us a call if you want more information.

Delivery for this Natural Cow hide Rug is £12.00

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