Vintage Rustic Wooden Bar Stool
Vintage Rustic Wooden Bar Stool
Vintage Rustic Wooden Bar Stool
Vintage Rustic Wooden Bar Stool
Vintage Rustic Wooden Bar Stool

Vintage Rustic Wooden Bar Stool

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With the huge success with our Vintage Rustic Wooden stools, we knew you would love these too, our Vintage Rustic Wooden Bar Stool. Don't they look great? Perfect for for any stylish setting. So versatile for any room in the house. They look amazing in a modern kitchen as well as a rustic scandi style or farmhouse style home. Our customers have used them as plant tables and side tables too.  The solid and bold and amazingly comfortable with the rounded seat shape.
The Vintage tall wooden stool originally have come all the way from China.

We clean the Vintage stools up, carefully sand them down to remove any splinters.

All our Vintage Rustic Wooden Bar Stools show a level  of imperfections, which is perfect character for the look. There maybe different textures in the wood and variance of wood colours and grains. All indicative of the natural rustic product we love. There maybe some chinks, lumps and bumps indicating the work load that they have undertaken. There maybe some splitters in the wood. Even though we have sanded them down carefully. The best ones have unevenness in shape & scratches. All adding to the perfect character & wonderful charm of these lovely vintage stools. Also known as work stools.

To care for your Vintage Stool, just hand wipe with damp cloth or just dusting if you wish.

These Vintage Rustic Wooden Bar Stools are all slightly different but aren't as varied as the older smaller stools so their shape and sizes are all almost the same.  Please feel free to ask for the images and measurements.  We would be delighted to help you with any questions you may have. They have staggered foot rest on each side for short and tall people.

The Vintage Rustic Wooden Bar Stool approximate measurements are height 67cm at the tallest side and 66cm where the seat dips for the seat. The width of seat is 50 cm and the depth of the seat is 40 cm.

All our packing is recyclable or biodegradable so we are helping to save our beautiful Planet. Your gorgeous Vintage Rustic Wooden Stool will be wrapped in a recycle box - Perfect. Plus we give you a super gorgeous free gift with every order !!


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